Robots That Jump

Robot Bodies Needed Before Robot Minds

Robots That Jump – Historical, July 13-27, 2003

Computer geeks just don’t get robots
Continued evidence that robotics is crawling up the “wall of disbelief” often seen when major new trends appear in society. In the secure confines of geek/hacker websites, stories about robots are the stuff of jokes. Witness The Register’s article on MIT’s slug-bot. This robot emulates the unique rippling glide used by gastropods to move around. But for the Register’s oh-so-hip digeratti, it must be some kind of sex toy. Your funeral, geeks.

In the meantime, robo-vacs are turning into a clear market segment. I just received a spam this a.m. touting a robotic vacumn cleaner for hard floors for only $40 US. Hmmm…


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