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Google’s Robodog – False Fear

Google has been showing off a lighter version of BigDog, the robotic beast created by Boston Dynamics (before it was purchased by Google). A great video showing the new dog (electrical) compared with the old dog (reving gasoline engine and quite loud).

The lame part is the wrapper pages on various news organizations

“Robo-Dog” brings us one step closer to the end of humanity (Time)

Robo-Dog too real for comfort (Mashable)

Haunts our dreams (Engadget)

Geez, even the UK Tabloids do a better job of reporting this. Daily Mail UK provides a much better discussion, including an analysis of the military uses (which is what is driving the project, after all)

These examples clearly show the difference between “old media” professional reporting (even scandal sheets) and the amateurish new media blogosphere. The old-school reporters give us the information with analysis, while the new-era can only pretend to be “afraid.” Unfortunately, Time mag online has joined the new era in is silly statements.

I say “pretend” because all these tech blogs are actually huge fans of robots. “We should be afraid” are actually code words for “dig in, it’s awesome.” If there was actually a robot takeover on the horizon, these blogs would welcome it while pretending to be fearful.

This is the exact attitude we saw in the original Jurassic Park movie. After a stern lecture on the dangers of technology, the rest of the movie glorifies the result – DINOSAURS. Same thing here. All these blogs do is religion. They say a false prayer to “thou shalt not tamper with Nature” before digging into the glutton feast of robot fun.

It’s interesting to imagine this as an actual religion, complete with rituals. Worship of robots involves a short kneel-down to become humble and “fearful before the Lord,” in this case the machine-gods that the coming Last Days (Singularity) are supposed to unleash. It is touching to see people clutching their smartophones and tablets like Rosary beads, watching the spectacle at the altar (screen) and raising their voices in fearful prayer to a robot dog.

Future generations will marvel at this stupidity.