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Dumb Robots try to (Really) Walk

The recent “robots falling down” videos from the DARPA Humanoid challenge are fun to watch, especially since I fell myself last week and managed to sprain a wrist. Compared to the old “Asimo climbs stairs” videos, there has been some progress (though, alas not as much as most people think) in making functional humanoids. Unlike the stage shows for the Japanese robots, these machines are trying to function in a more natural environment.

Oopsie for the Hubo!

Ouch! Fortunately, these robots don’t have a lot of sensors, so taking a fall isn’t so bad for them:

Strangely, these machines seem most real when they are “unconscious” and being carried away in a stretcher – for once they don’t seem “mechanical.”

As usual, the results (which are interesting, but very far from useful) are hyped relentlessly:

Human-Level Intelligence? I’d hate to meet this moron.

Considering the sidebar of “related videos” on YouTube, the public’s imagination has already jumped ahead to robot sex slaves. But…if they are soooo clumsy at walking, what will they be like in bed?  Ouch, get that metal limb out of my face!

Wired says not to laugh at these robots. Well, well, I am laughing!

Any robot that was truly intelligent would laugh as well.