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This Robot is NOT “Giving a TED Talk!”

What a bunch of dumbass.

Robot “Gives a TED Talk”

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 7.45.33 AM


This robot is not giving a speech. A human is giving a speech, and operating an electrical puppet in order to present themselves as something other than human.

While the tech itself might have some uses (e.g. deep-sea tele-operation) we already have LOTS of tele-operated devices.

And, we have had puppets speak for us for a LOOONGGGG TIME…



Now. Punch is more interesting to watch than the droning robot above, and in addition, conveys nuances of emotion lacking in the floppy arms of the robot. However, both Punch and talking robots are both injecting nasty messages. In the case of Punch, it is domestic violence, and (as we see) disrespect for authority. In the case of Robot, it is the illusion that there is a robot that could give a Ted talk.

There is nothing like this. Even Watson, IBM’s system that comes closest to being an actual artificial intelligence, could not create, much less present a “talk.”

So, what do we have. In Punch, the creators encourage us to laugh at somebody gettin’ a beatin.’ In the case of Robo-puppet, we have someone encouraging us to believe the live of intelligent robots “ready to take over.” Sheesh.