A Robot that “Crabs”

A fascinating robot out of Google’s Project X, via Schaft, which created some interesting robots in the past. Here, humanoid gait is abandoned for a largely vertical motion of legs Alphabet’s secretive Schaft Inc. shows off new bipedal robot in Tokyo And here’s the video: Seeing the robot on the beach shows that biomimcry mayContinue reading “A Robot that “Crabs””

Why don’t robots work? The world is to blame!

An interesting article from RoboticsĀ Trends on the problems which will keep self-driving cars off the road for many years, despite the hype that their arrival is “just around the corner” “Crappy US Roads Major Roadblock for Self-Driving Cars?” http://www.roboticstrends.com/article/crappy_us_roads_major_roadblock_for_self_driving_cars Telling quote: Poor lane markings and uneven signage on the three million miles of paved roadsContinue reading “Why don’t robots work? The world is to blame!”