88 Years of Show Robots

The typical way most people have experienced a “robot” is at a trade show or other meeting. The showboat robot’s purpose is to perform as a mechanical entertainment, always remote-controlled for more humanlike operation. The end result is a public that thinks humanoid Robots That Jump are far closer to reality than they really are.Continue reading “88 Years of Show Robots”

NASA Robot – Tele-Operation for Mars Mission?

Some good photos today of the Valkyrie humanoid robot body, a testbed for developing more agile Robots That Jump. The robot was developed at ┬áNASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. http://www.roboticstrends.com/article/mit_helping_nasa_build_valkyrie_robots_for_space_missions The R5 robot is supposed to serve on missions to the planet Mars, and “beyond”. The article describes a future with the robot workingContinue reading “NASA Robot – Tele-Operation for Mars Mission?”