Team Robomonster – About the Vehicle (Video!)

ROBO MONSTER – Vehicle Base ROBO MONSTER is a custom-built rock crawler, designed and built from scratch by Kirby Offroad Engineering. Built early 2004 – 4 seater Frame 1 1/2x .120 DOM steel Grade 8 hardware NO Doors/ Full cage chassis 4×4 drive with lockers front and rear Fuel – Propane Fuel Tank – standardContinue reading “Team Robomonster – About the Vehicle (Video!)”

Team Robomonster – Postings after DARPA Visit

  Monday, August 08, 2005 Sensory Panel Types During the last month we’ve been experimenting with different configurations of sensory panels. As described in earlier posts, each panel will form part of the outer body of the vehicle. The “sensor dense” approach makes each of these panels a sort of low-resolution visual system – providingContinue reading “Team Robomonster – Postings after DARPA Visit”

Team Robomonster – Postings to DARPA Visit in 2005

The following post is a summary of posts on Team Robomonster, a 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge entry. The project “team robomonster”  managed to make a “rock crawler” vehicle drive-by-wire, and respond to the computer. It failed to get GPS input to accurately steer the vehicle, and was eliminated at the second round of the “GrandContinue reading “Team Robomonster – Postings to DARPA Visit in 2005”